Netwolact - openingsactTHE NETWOOLACT

This network act with balls of wool creates a tangible ‘network’ with the audience as a participant. An ideal act to start or end your event in a special and unusual way! One or two actors will handle your theme in a 20-minute act.
Starting from own power to the power of communication within an organization.

By means of a joint theater practice, visualization is made clear that cooperation and alignment are not always simple. Then you will be surprised how everyone is connected to each other after this act. Of course, the story that the actors use is tailored made to your organization and customization.


    • The audience should be in theatersetup.
    • From a group of  bigger than 100 people also need a good sound system and headset microphones.
    • The wool is available in the colors of, for example, your house style.

Click here for the balloon opening act.
Call for more information and or bookings: 0297-521919.