KanonOpen your Sail event, remember someone special, pirate festival ? Marriage confirmation?
Fire a canon yourself ?
It is all possible.

Our cannons (from the period 1813-1815) come with a cannon that is loaded with real gunpowder.

With a story about the gunmen and life in Napoleonic times, told by one of the marketers, it becomes a wonderful entertainment scene.

If desired, you can fire the cannon yourself. We already delivered To Sail Amsterdam and Delfsail, First Piles at building sites, Marriages, Pirates Parties, and so on…..

NOTE: For the proper course of the event, a permit must be requested (six weeks in advance) at the municipality in which the canon will be fired. (** Cost indication license: from € 75,00 euro. For the exact price please refer to the department of permits of your own municipality!)
Also consider the deadline for an application! (Most municipalities are 4-6 weeks in advance)
NOTE: The gunmen are in possession of the right documents and shooting licenses for the Netherlands only!

We can take care of you and provide the entire application for you. Of course you can also apply for the license yourself. Our cannoniers have two cannons and the legit permits. This service is only available in the Netherlands.

Call for more information or bookings: +31297-521919