The Improvisation actors company ensures that your participation on exhibitions/trade fairs is clear for your visitors and potential new clients.

How do we do it ?
What do you want to achieve?
Do you only want a simple stand and hope you will attract attention for your new product ? (tip: Do not hire us!)
Or do you want to meet certain prospects and new leads at your exhibitions stand? (tip: Hire us!)

Based on your information, we make a catchy message and make sure your stand and message is clear.
Together with you, we will ensure that no one, can get around your booth.
We have an excellent team of actors and actresses, but also magicians, entertainers and quiz masters.
Almost nothing is impossible!

And then of course the crew itself!
You have invested a lot of money in a trade show and your sales / account managers manages the stand.
But do they know to get the right sting with the visitor, or are they standing with their arms folded, hanging around, waiting what’s going to come?
Well then your team is heading for a training* by our experienced and skilled actors and actresses.
Ask for our training programs.

Cost training*.
One part of the day (4 hours) is sufficient.
*=If you hire our actors / acts on the stand then you will get a big discount.

Want to learn more about training programs ?
Call Improvisation actors company on phone number:+31297-521919 or send an E-mail directly.