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Actor Gaby

Actor Gaby

Actor GabyGaby is happy to join Improvisation actors company.

And we can highly recommend Gaby because he works distinctively. Gaby focuses on three aspects of the subject; He acts, directs and delivers customization. Add the strictly personal way he deals with his clients and laid the foundation for 100% success and commitment!

About the charachters: Gaby knead, bark, shave and color until a human being is formed of meat and blood that the public recognizes something of himself. He uses a perfect outfit, is really fragile. The most beautiful thing is that people dare to go into the story and play their own role. The public and the actor thus form a close company.

That sounds nice, but whose size is Gaby out of? First of all, he listens to what the customer wishes. Then he will call his partners together if necessary. If texts are needed, there are text writers. If the customer wishes to move and shape, he will pick up choreographers and designers. Vocal, instrumental, everything is possible in principle! For example, the customer, the public and all artistic disciplines receive their own place in the preparation process and the final presentation. The direction is in familiar hands of himself. Because whether it’s a theme party, a play, a solo act or a sales support activity, the lines must come together. Exclusive customization is hardly imaginable!

This season you will find Gaby again on TV and in the ZOO Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen in the role of adventurer/charachter Toendra Tony.

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