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Actor Jeroen

Actor Jeroen

Jeroen (born in 1960) has a roots in his career: humor.
He says, “Humor is for me the lubricating oil in life. Let others laugh is one of the most wonderful things I know. ”
Jeroen entertains, plays and plays full-time for more than 25 years. In the most diverse situations and for all conceivable types of people. In that, improvisation plays an essential role. Feeling the situation and the person opposite you and responding to it. You have this fingerspitzengefühl or you do not have it.

The good thing about improvising is that you are in the moment and reacts purely and truly, not with introverted texts or jokes. If you feel good, read well, you can really make contact with someone and come in. The funny thing is that you make a click with someone in a very short time, have contact. By humor.
Because Jeroen manages all these aspects, he has never bore him after 25 years, even though he played the Deputy mayor, the security officer, “Mobile Mustache” or Johnny, hundreds of times. Because you’re dealing with other people every time, in a different situation, it stays fresh and new. For him, therefore, plays an essential part of his life.

Jeroen has followed the Academy for Small Art and a pantomime training at Rob van Reijn.
He has experience in musical (“Cabaret”), children’s and youth theater, street theater and animation theater (in between the public). As an actor he plays in corporate movies, commercials and movies.
For a year, he has also acted as a standup comedian. Also improvisation is an important part. This form he already knew because he has made comic speeches for many years in the capacity of locomotive master.

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23 May 2017