Fake Speech-Speaker

Prof in actie.

Prof. dr. Ano Nymous

Leave it to the EXPERIENCE of professor Ano Nymous.

The purpose of a fake speech is to entertain the public by creating the illusion that the speaker is a real expert in the designated field.

The structure usually consists a number of fixed points:
The introduction in which the illusion of expertise is created. Followed by a part in which the first signals are given that it is not a real speech but a fake speech.
The speaker makes mistakes or speaks in overly complex sentences, something goes wrong in the presentation.
Of course, at the end it is all clear to the spectators that it’s not a real speech. The speaker interacts with the audience. Conclusion with an apotheosis.

There can be a joint act (dance or movement), making music, a magic or conspiracy. A fake speech is usually used to open or close an event, a conference or a seminar.

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31 May 2017