Regulating visitor streams at your event? Hire our funny and quirky, hilarious Lollipop men or lady’s.

With the Lollipop-men, you have an act that is (literally) visible.
For the regulation of the visitor flows of busy events, airports, exhibitions or fairs, our Lollipop-men and women does it isn’t rocket science.

Although they look serious, it is still advisable to keep an eye on them. They regularly pull someone’s leg.
That brings up hilarious moments. If you are wondering why your guests are giggling, then the Lollipop-men© will probably have helped.

Traffic control by lollipopmenLollipop-men/women are dressed in “original” orange fluorescent long raincoats with matching hat, stop sign board and a referee whistle. They can even be equipped with a portable traffic light or an instant pedestrian crossing and text boards.

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