Hire our MC-Announcer-Toastmaster

Our MC is often seen in the circus, but not only for this you can use us.
Also, to generate traffic at your trading stand on a fair, to give a welcome your honored guests, for your prize circus (sale), dull days or … whatever purpose you imagine.

By the way, we would like to think with you. Interactive but also energetically, our master of speech provides the presentation of your products.

You also can use this presenter for other presentation roles. For example: chairman of a conference, discussion leader, auctioneer. He takes care of the correct insertion of your program. The presentations can be informative or focused on humorous interventions.

Do you want to use this presenter with another costume? Of course, almost nothing is impossible.

Please contact us for more information by phone: 0297-521919 or send an e-mail directly.