It’s not a stripper who gets naked and rubs his greasy body all over you. It’s a Man Servant: A gentleman who treats you, or your guests like a queen/king in a liveried costume (or royal butler costume).

These liveried male servants will receive your guests with all Egards and, if desired, will introduce them in a ludicrous way, so that everyone will know they entered the festivity. These men are special high class and from royal houses all over the world, with their subtle humor they will bring the pleasant tone for every occasion.

Against the background of Buckingham Palace or Downing street 10, a castle, or a town hall, it is the best for them, but also for a wedding or party’s elsewhere, these Lackeys are great. (We also have beautiful Butlers)

Etiquette course:
Our Liveried servants can offer your guests an etiquette course upon request so your guests know how it actually happens. Of course provided with the necessary humor and patronage with information and rumors about the Dutch Royal House.

Did you know:
A lackey or liveried servant is a clerk working at the royal court.
The task of the lackey is to serve members of the royal family, he is part of the royal household.
As an official uniform (during State banquets), there is a liveried costume. (but they can also wear Royal butleroutfits)
In ordinary households, the lackey is often known as butler.
Lackey is one of the few professions carried out only by men; Female lacquers do not exist.

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