MATA HARI was a Dutch exotic dancer.

In 1897 she used the artist name ‘Mata Hari’ for the first time. What in Malay means: Eye of the dawn or sun.
In 1905 she debuted as an exotic dancer in Paris on Gamelan music. It was immediately a success.

Over Mata Hari, many rumors went round and thus she became a mysterious personality. She was found guilty by the French for espionage because of treason and finally fired on October 15, 1917.
This mysterious and mysterious woman with her intoxicating dance is now available through Improvisation actors company.

The role of Mata Hari is interpreted by dancer Florence. She graduated from the National Ballet Academy and works as a freelance dancer. In 2017 she can be seen and in the main role in The Mata Hari files. A dramatized American documentary about Mata Hari’s life. In the documentary we see Mata Hari in different phases of her life.

By 2017, it was 100 years since Mata Hari (perhaps innocent?) was fussed by the French. In 2017, the archives will open in France and we will learn more about the legendary life of this woman.

Book our look a like Mata Hari for a special intermezzo (dance act) and a short story of life by our actress about her life and her last moments.

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Mata Hari