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The Cherries let the 1940s swing-music come true!

Three beautiful women with ditto voices.

From Marilyn Monroe to The Andrews Sisters, from Doris Day, Nat King Cole, to McGuire Sisters.
The Cherries will give you an unforgettable and nostalgic evening with a vintage touch.

A performance of beautiful close-harmony songs, sung by Maaike Widdershoven, Karen Levin and Yolanda Germain, three professional singer who earned their tracks in major theater productions and performances at home and abroad.

Together these voices of the ‘Cherries’ create a particularly full tone of color. In addition, The Cherries are not only ear- but also eye-catching.

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You can use The Cherries in a variety of ways to give your evening, or themed event a special touch:

1.The Cherries Unplugged and close to you:

In a block of 30 minutes or 2 cubes of a quarter, the ladies will move between the guests, each person personally table at the table and audibly listen to the songs in a ludicrous manner.
No technique or stage is needed for this.

2.The Cherries live on stage:

A 30-minute podium with songs that are not only sung but nostalgically shaped by means of 1940’s choreographies!
(Exclusive hire of a light and sound + technician)

3.The Cherries Best of Both:

As the title suggests, a combination of both blocks may be possible within 45 minutes.
For example, you can enjoy a quarter of ‘Unplugged and close to you’ and a half-hour ‘Live on stage’.
(Exclusive hire of a light and sound + technician)

The Cherries can, if desired, put someone in the sun for a jubilee or birthday or any special occasion. A special song with a surprise!

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