Movie, Police and Actors….

There are assignments where you can go crazy with creativity because of the trust you get from a customer.

“My good friend is turning 50 and I want to play a joke on him. Something with his boat, a movie, police and actors ”. We gathered information about the birthday job and got to work.

Because a lot has to happen for a short performance. Call the location, call his secretary, contact his wife and text and email the captain of his new boat. Visit the shipbuilder to film the boat and of course write the script.

We were warned in advance about the birthday boy. He is a very fast thinker, intelligent and knows everything. This meant that we can prepare even better and read in more thoroughly than what we normally already do.

But we can proudly say that it worked! After a lot of interrogation at the birthday girl’s office, he spent all afternoon wondering about how it would work out. While he went to dinner with a small group of family and friends unsuspectingly, he was ambushed again. There is more evidence, we still have some questions… ..

This tailor-made joke clearly had a festive opening and turned out to be extremely successful. Birthday overwhelmed, impressed and very surprised. The client was very happy and did not believe restlessly for long… ..


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